Vampire Boogie

Vampire Boogie - satirical horror miniseries

(Writer: Corey Brotherson; Artist: James Daniels; Letterer & Designer: Mike Stock)

Pansy is a young, happy-go-lucky social media addict.

She likes action movies, role-playing games and her pet tarantula, Mr Bitey.

She’s also a vampire who is going to be brutally eviscerated in precisely seven days.

Trapped by a diverse group of powerful blood suckers from across the globe – led by Dracula himself – Pansy has just one week to prove that she’s not weak, human loving and sparkly.

But what chance does a violence-hating, shy, neurotic, fledgling member of the undead have against a gang of experienced and bloodthirsty monsters dead-set against what the modern vampire has become?

Can Pansy learn what it means to be a valued member of the vampire nation... before she ends up as the main course of a brutal revolution?

Vampire Boogie is due to launch in 2015 - download a preview of issue one here:

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