Stolen - Unseen Shadows

Stolen - crime/adventure story, set in the Unseen Shadows universe via the Tales of the Forgotten anthology
(Writer: Corey Brotherson; Artist: Cormac Hughes)
Stealth, skills and style – the life of Ben Ashodi, AKA The Hand, is one hell of a ride. A talented escape artist and professional thief for hire, The Hand teeters on a precarious high wire, balanced between a career of criminality and a strong sense of morals.

Although when responsibility over his past actions catch up with him, it soon becomes clear there are some things even this master escapologist cannot get away from…

Stolen is part of Tales of the Forgotten in the Unseen Shadows story universe, based in and around novelist Barry Nugent's popular supernatural adventure novel, Fallen Heroes. It joins a range of stories from a massive transmedia pool spanning novels, comics, audio plays/books and film. You can check out the stunning and popular world of Unseen Shadows over at and be sure to read the first Unseen Shadows anthology, Tales of the Fallen, featuring some of the indie comics scenes' brightest stars.

Tales of the Forgotten is availabe now at Comicsy, Bigcartel and Amazon 

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