Clockwork Watch

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London 1899. Steam billows out from every corner of the city while huge Zeppelin airships float in the sky overhead, and Clockwork Servants, the mechanical slaves that keep society ticking along, duck through the alleyways.

Welcome to the Steampunk world of Clockwork Watch - a place where Victorian values collide with anachronistic technology.

Clockwork Watch is an immersive story and participatory experience set in a retro-futurist vision of Victorian England. The narrative is played out across two graphic novels, interactive promenade theatre, live action role-play, online adventures, an interactive book and a feature film.

Join the Facebook page at and to find out more. The first part of Clockwork Watch is called The Arrival - a graphic novel adapted by Corey Brotherson from filmmaker Yomi Ayeni's original script, and drawn by Jennie Gyllblad. The Arrival will be released early 2012.

Clockwork Watch has already earned one accolade, being selected as the best IndiGoGo comic book project of 2011:

Order your copy of Clockwork Watch: The Arrival here.