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Magic of Myths: season one - fantasy adventure miniseries (Writer: Corey Brotherson; Artist: Sergio Calvet)

When a tortured soul takes a journey through the realms of fabled fantasy and imagination, she finds herself on a life changing quest that pushes her beyond mortal limits… 

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Clockwork Watch: The Arrival - steampunk transmedia series (Writers: Yomi Ayeni and Corey Brotherson; Artist: Jennie Gyllblad)

The first of three graphic novels, setting the scene for a three-year long transmedia experience. 

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(Writers: Jimmy Pearson, Corey Brotherson, Steve Tanner, Alexi Conman, Matt Gibbs, Matthew Craig, Cy Dethan; Artists: Valia Kapadai, Jennie Gyllblad, Alex Thompson, Vicky Stonebridge, Sara Dunkerton, Dani Abram, Lynsey Hutchinson, Nic Wilkinson, Patricia Echavarri Riego, Jenny Clements)

Bayou Arcana unlocks a universe steeped in Southern Gothic Romance and spattered with supernatural horror. Featuring 10 new stories by the hottest upcoming writing and art talent on offer.

Enter the Arcana if you dare…

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Tales from the Plex - multi-genre series (Writers: various; Artist: various)

An anthology series showcasing the best and brightest new creators and characters! 

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