Monday, February 21, 2011

"What’s new? Lots new."

Don’t worry, I’ve not abandoned this site – quite the opposite, in fact, as there’s been a fair bit happening that I’ve just simply not had time to put on here yet. But I’ve a few things in the works to keep this site a little more active in the future.

In the meantime, this is me waving, not drowning. There will soon be fresh updates, to tell you about:

- The next big anthology story I’ve been signed up to do for this year along with sensational Butterflies and Moths artist, Jennie Gyllblad 
- The launch of Magic of Myths: season one (with the brilliant and prolific Sergio Calvet) – my first major creator owned project, along with all the plans and promotion that are coming with it
- A couple video appearances I’ve made over the past six months which you’ll likely embarrass me about
- And a few other bits and pieces.

Give me just a little more time/And our love will surely grow…


Anonymous said...

Video appearances oooooooooh!Hope you didn't put on one of your weird faces! Therine x

Unknown said...

Well... I cant make any promises ;-) xx