Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the lack of updates during December - the work is coming in thick and fast, and between that and Christmas, spare time suddenly became a thing of the (ghost of Christmas) past. But the good news is that 2012 will see the launch of several big projects that have been in the making during 2011, and represent an important milestone in my comic book writing.

I'll create full blog post about it soon, but in the meantime have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thought Bubble 2011 - in pictures

Whew. What a weekend.

Thought Bubble was brilliant fun.In fact, I'm still very much trying to catch up with everything - it'll take me a few days to take in the great new people met (hi guys! You're all amazing!), various books I bought, biz cards traded, new opportunities made and so on.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with two things - the first is a brilliant (as always) write up by my super talented artist partner-in-crime Jennie Gyllblad, who has created a fantastic account of our experiences over the weekend right here. Not only is it funny, it's also a very accurate description of what happened... drunks, awkward moments and all.

Secondly, a few pictures for you to look at, taken over the two days.

To everyone we met/passed by our table/had a chat with - a big THANK YOU for being so lovely. You made Thought Bubble as great as it was and hopefully we'll get to catch up again soon...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thought Bubble 2011

Well, here we are in sunny (I think it's sun. It could be mustard or something) Leeds, at Thought Bubble. Myself and my artist partner-in-crime Jennie Gyllblad are over in the Royal Armouries on table 67, armed with sweets, books (Skal, Magic of Myths and a couple other comic related goodies), artwork and... erm... a lucky bird. If you're around, please do swing by and say hi.

Also, we're swiftly approaching the final days of our crowdfunding effort for Clockwork Watch - a new perk has been introduced, where you can own some of the original artwork from the forthcoming graphic novels, The Arrival and Breakaway. Please contribute if you can, as every little bit helps in making this project take off! You can find the page here:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Magic of Myths returns!

Yep, Sergio and I have been so happy with the response to our fantasy series that we’ve dedicated ourselves to continuing the series. Magic of Myths: season two is in the works and will be released during summer 2012. You can read all about it over at the official site, where you can also subscribe to keep up to date with all the latest Magic of Myths news:‎

I’ll also be attending the Thought Bubble comic art festival on 19/20 November, so come on over and say hi.

Thanks for all your support!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Clockwork Watch gains a little Olympic-sized assistance

We’re very pleased to announce that one of the adverts in the first part of Clockwork Watch’s story, The Arrival, is going to be an Olympic 2012 project on behalf of a country in the Commonwealth. There are a few slots left open, so if you have a business that’s suited to Steampunk, host events, design Steampunk gear or even want to weave your product / brand / events into our story, do get in touch!

We’ve also received the first batch of Clockwork Watch badges and patches which are part of the perks available to those who help fund the project:

Spread the word and join in the fun right here:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Making friends with Jonathan Ross

Now here's an Unseen Shadows update you may not have been expecting...

Barry Nugent, novelist and mastermind behind the whole Unseen Shadows universe, has got TV presenter and writer Jonathan Ross to pen the introduction to the forthcoming Unseen Shadows anthology, Tales of the Fallen.

The anthology is already gathering some well earned and justifiable praise within the independent circuits, so it's fantastic to get someone like Ross to write the foreword. While Stolen (an adventure/crime story written by myself and artist Cormac Hughes) won't be in this edition, we have got a two page art preview in there, and the stories that made it into the book are superb - they would be, with the likes of Cy Dethan, Nic Wilkinson, Rob Carey, Dan Thompson, Vicky Stonebridge and many other excellent talents behind it.

So, you've no excuse now - make sure you pick up a copy of Tales of the Fallen at this year's Thought Bubble convention or pre-order your copy right here.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Clockwork Watch update

And now for some Clockwork Watch news:

- Did you know you can be part of Clockwork Watch and get your face into scenes from the first part of the story, graphic novel The Arrival (adapted by myself and drawn by Jennie Gyllblad? All sponsors that have donated above $40 will be incorporated into the artwork of The Arrival or Breakaway as characters in the story. YOU are about to become part of your first comic and a transmedia story - so head over to and pitch your sponsor! Once you do, kindly send your photographs to "" and please include your name, address and a contact number - we MAY need to get in touch.

- General costume sketching has begun!

If you want to see more, pop over to

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unseen Shadows update

Lots of stuff to report about Unseen Shadows, so let's jump straight to it:

- Stolen, an adventure/crime story written by myself and artist Cormac Hughes, is coming along nicely, with more excellent artwork pouring in as I type. There will be a few extra previews to show you soon, but there are a lot of exciting things happening behind the scenes which will be revealed as well in due time.

- The first Unseen Shadows anthology, Tales of the Fallen, is going to launch at this year's Thought Bubble convention - and it's looking rather sharp. Take a look:

"They are murderers, martyrs and mercenaries in the no-man’s-land between adventure and crusade – soldiers of fate and fierce honour, bound together in mystery, darkness and blood. Their enemies are shadows haunting the outermost borders of a darkening world, and as night approaches the shadows grow long.
"They are the Fallen, and these are their stories."
Tales of the Fallen will launch on 19 November 2011 at Thought Bubble in Leeds. You can read some previews at the official Facebook page.

- Sticking with Thought Bubble, there will be an Unseen Shadows panel held during the festival. On 19 November 2011, 12:00pm to 12:45pm in the Alea Cinema Room, you can Meet The Team That Expanded The Universe. Here's the blurb from the site:

"Learn how the self-published cult hit novel Fallen Heroes became the epicentre of one of the biggest transmedia experiments in the UK indie arts world comprising comics, prose, audio, live action and including trailblazing talent from all creative fields."

- There is plenty of Unseen Shadows audio to sink your teeth into as well. You can listen to the first seven minutes of Empire of Blood - The Audio Drama, here, while the audio book version of novel, Fallen Heroes, can be enjoyed here. It's all for free, so make sure you enter the shadows... 

Friday, October 07, 2011

Ringing in the...

You may have noticed a few changes on the site of late…

Yep, The Writer’s Block has gone through a little revamp. There’s still plenty of work to be done as new features are added and refinements made, but I hope you like the changes so far. Feel free to offer feedback as I'll take any comments on board.

One of the big additions to the site is the menu bar near the top of the page which will detail various projects I’m attached to. It’s a work-in-progress, so there’s plenty more to come, with pages on Clockwork Watch, Unseen Shadows, Bayou Arcana and various other published stories to be added – but in the meantime, you can buy fantasy miniseries Magic of Myths: season one directly from me by clicking on the relevant tab. There’s also the option to purchase the super cheap digital version for £1.50 as well.

There’s plenty more to come soon, so why not stay up to date by subscribing via the menu on the right of this page?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Become a vital part of Clockwork Watch!

Today we launch the funding for The Arrival, our first graphic novel in the epic transmedia project that is Clockwork Watch.

Drawn by Jennie Gyllblad and adapted by myself from filmmaker Yomi Ayeni's original script, The Arrival tells the story of a world struggling with technological and social change. New models of clockwork servants become ever-more advanced and human-clockwork hybridisation is the talk of the town; the clockworks are becoming more human, and not all humans are as human as they think they are...

You can literally become part of this experience spanning comics, film, theatre, games and more. Head over to for more info and please donate if you can, to help give this massive project life. And if you've not already done so, spread the word of the official Clockwork Watch: The Transmedia Experience Facebook page.

Love, Like, Live Clockwork Watch!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Stolen artwork for your pleasure

Fancy some more artwork from Unseen Shadows story, Stolen? Well my artist partner on the story, Cormac Hughes, is happy to oblige. Here's a sneaky peek at page 2...

Stolen - Page 2(unlettered)
For more, keep an eye on the official Unseen Shadows Facebook page:, and follow us on Twitter via @Unseen_Shadows.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The latest on Clockwork Watch

Clockwork Watch is ticking along nicely…

With Jennie drawing up concept artwork every week and concept creator and writer Yomi preparing an onslaught of news to unleash, our romantic Steampunk thriller Clockwork Watch is on the verge of revealing more of itself in the coming weeks. An IndieGoGo page is being set up for the first chapter of the story, The Arrival, with more news to come on how exactly Clockwork Watch will unfold.

Here’s a quick look at some of Jen’s lovely work so far:

You can find plenty more here:

The official site is being worked on, but in the meantime you can stay up to date via the official Facebook page:

Monday, September 05, 2011

Enter the Shadows

Want to get all the latest on the Unseen Shadows universe (where Cormac’s and my story, Stolen, will be proudly published) without lifting a finger?

Then join the Unseen Shadows Facebook page:

And follow us on Twitter via @Unseen_Shadows.

Please spread the word!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Magic of Myths finds an extra home

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about Magic of Myths in all of this recent excitement…

Currently on sale in Birmingham from the legendary Nostalgia and Comics, those a bit closer to London can dive into the first volume of Sergio’s and my fantasy miniseries thanks to Gosh! London, which is now selling Magic of Myths. Recently relocated into Soho, you can find Gosh! London's shop at:

1 Berwick Street
London W1F 0DR

There you’ll find Magic of Myths sitting on their independents shelf. Be quick if you want a copy, as there’s not many left. A massive thanks to Gosh! London for supporting the book.

Keep reading the official Magic of Myths site for more information on where you can pick up a copy, and all the latest news on the miniseries. And if you want to buy a copy via mail, you can put in an order over at Indy Planet [].

Grab a copy and let us know what you think!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Stolen - artwork preview

With gamescom kicked squarely in the arse (well, either that or it’s stopped kicking me in the face… these concepts are easily confused), I’ve got enough time for a few quick updates. I’ll drip feed them in the shallow pretence that it’ll make the site look a little less sparse in the busy coming weeks. Hurrah!

So, the script to Stolen – a story set in the  Unseen Shadows universe – is done, and the Unseen Shadows creator and novelist, Barry Nugent, is happy with it, which in turn makes me very happy. And the wonderfully talented Cormac Hughes is currently working hard on transforming the script into something visual and pretty that will look much nicer on the page than my black-ink-on-white-paper ramblings.

In fact, here’s Cormac right now with some rather nice artwork...

Stolen - Page 1 (unlettered)

You can see some character sketches and more over here:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Running like Clockwork

So, I mentioned before two big forthcoming projects - the first being Stolen, set in the Unseen Shadows universe.

Now it's time for the second.

I'm very pleased to announce that I've been signed up to write a graphic novel adaptation of a MASSIVE transmedia project by filmmaker Yomi Ayeni, called Clockwork Watch. The general concept behind Clockwork Watch is the creation of a huge world that spans across film, comics, theatre, games, Augmented Reality and more. The overarching story is a romantic thriller set in the world of Steampunk, where a scientist falls in love with his research subject - a beautiful robot. However, their love affair and her life are threatened by the values of the Victorian era they are living in, and a man with a lifelong grudge.

The first step in this new world is the graphic novel, The Arrival, which is being adapted by myself and my talented oft-artist partner-in-crime, Jennie Gyllblad. So we're creating the entry point for Clockwork Watch - a colossal honour in itself. 

Like Stolen, this project has been bubbling behind the scenes for months now, so it's great to finally have it in the open. There are even more things happening that we can't talk about quite yet, but we can show off some of Jennie's lovely artwork so far... 

You can see more here:

Lots of very exciting announcements to come - and one so huge, you may not believe it. I know I'm still trying to take it in...

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Next step - stealing an artist

A bit behind the curve here due to so much work and gamescom at the moment, so apologies for the lateness of this one.

In case you've not seen, one of my latest and biggest projects to date - Stolen, a thief thriller story set in the Unseen Shadows universe - has nabbed an artist. Stand up and take a bow, Cormac Hughes! This talented young man dropped this rather nice sample in mine, and project head/author Barry Nugent's inbox and we were duly impressed:

So now it's full steam ahead. Lettering will be handled by the superb Paul Mclaren. More news as it comes - and don't forget to check out the official Unseen Shadows site for all the latest Unseen Shadows info, including an excellent sounding radio play. There's tons to come...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stealing a bit of time

Sometimes, things just work out.

Case in point: remember the secret projects I referred to in the last blog post? Well, the cat is out of the bag for one of them.

On Monday 18th July 2011, I was announced as the writer for a spin-off comic book in the Unseen Shadows universe. You can find out more here. No release date or main details yet, but we'll let you know more soon.

It means I'll be writing a full length story using one of the main characters from Barry Nugent's popular supernatural adventure novel, Fallen Heroes, which you can check out here: This is a book which became a bestseller on Amazon last year, which is a hell of an achievement, and worthily so - it's a fantastic story which mixes horror, adventure, crime and drama, wrapped up in some lovely prose and superb set pieces. Waterstones said this about Fallen Heroes:

“It reads like a TV series, with cliff hangers at the end of most chapters, and larger than life characters with big egos and quick wits. The book as a whole draws on many popular culture references & influences, and is easily compared to ‘Sin City’, ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘Heroes’ or ‘Buffy’ – there really is something for everyone and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading or watching Sci-Fi/Fantasy.” Waterstones

So you can imagine my joy when Barry accepted my pitch for the character of The Hand, a wise-cracking thief who plays a massive part in Fallen Heroes. Barry enjoyed Magic of Myths and was generous enough to provide the foreword for it, but I can't say I expected things to move like this. And to add an extra element of trepidation into the blender, Barry had already amassed a very talented and proven creative team for the other spin-offs. So my story has a lot to live up to with such esteemed company.

Pressure? Me? Pah! ;-)

After months in the works, it's great that this is now in the open and moving. And while there's a lot of work to do, as the Joker famously once said: "I'm a lot happier."

I'll leave you with a bit of blurb from my story, titled 'Stolen':

Stealth, skills and style – the life of Ben Ashodi, AKA The Hand, is one hell of a ride. A talented escape artist and professional thief for hire, The Hand teeters on a precarious high wire, balanced between a career of criminality and a strong sense of morals.

Although when responsibility over his past actions catch up with him, it soon becomes clear there are some things even this master escapologist cannot get away from…

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sorry for the radio silence of late - you can usually take that as a good sign.

In this case, it's a really good sign.

It's just a shame I can't say much about it right now...

There are a few projects in the works which have come somewhat out of the blue over the past few months and they're starting to move in the right direction, however I can't say anything about them yet. Needless to say, they're very, very exciting and when the time is right, you'll hear all about them. In the meantime I've a few other things I'll be blogging about in the near future. Stay tuned, Bat-fans. There's a lot of good stuff on the horizon...

Friday, May 27, 2011

X-Men: First Class – spoiler free review (or essay, in this case)

X-Men: First Class hurts.

Not in that physical, 'bouncer removing you from the cinema for smuggling in a mobile phone' way. But in the 'wow, this is what X-Men 3 could have been' way if director Matthew Vaughn hadn’t walked away from it.

In short, X-Men: First Class is bloody good.

In long? Well, that's what all those words below are about to go into…

My thoughts on the third movie of the X-Men saga are numerous and you can read them here (, but for the sake of clarity and relevance:

X1: Good, if flawed and dated
X2: Brilliant
X3: Enjoyable nonsense, but easily worst of the bunch

So I came to X-Men: First Class hoping for something which could match my expectations of X2, or at least avoid the relative mess of X3. My faith in the creative team of Vaughn and writer Jane Goldman had yet been shattered after the largely excellent fantasy romp of Stardust and the surprisingly fun Kick Ass. And here, again, they do a fantastic job where in all reality they should have fallen flat on their faces given the stupidly difficult task at hand.

"X-Men! Welcome… to die!"

Vaughn had to create a film mired in canon and coming off the back of a critical mauling, with a shifting production team, a swiftly re-written script and less than 18 months to film the entire thing (apparently principle photography started in August 2010). And yet, First Class remains one of the most tightly structured, coherent and well rounded superhero movies ever made.

X-Men: First Class brings together the story of how Erik 'Magneto' Lehnsherr and Charles 'Professor X' Xavier first met, formed the X-Men and eventually became bitter enemies. Using the 1960s Cuban Missile Crisis as its frame, the tale whips along at a breathless pace, taking us through the Holocaust, Cold War paranoia, the Civil Rights Movement in America, mutant powers, developing friendships and the consequences of violence both explicit and implicit. But it never feels bloated, nor does it lose you for its 2 hours running time. This is lean storytelling that manages to be coherent, exciting and deep, while battering through its narrative with punk rock efficiency. Nothing is wasted.

Given the large number of characters, it's only natural some get a little left by the wayside in the wake of the story's main focus – the relationship between Erik and Charles, played by a wonderfully good Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, respectively. Measured and convincing, they perfectly capture the mannerisms of their counterparts from the previous films (Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart) while adding some ticks of their own, making them incredibly fun to watch. Jennifer Lawrence also turns in a great performance as Raven 'Mystique' Darkhölme, acting as the foil between the two and ultimately, their conscience.

"Peace? Peace was never an option."

When combined with the film's main villain, Sebastian Shaw (ably played by the talented Kevin Bacon, who thankfully makes a rare appearance without his usual co-star – his naked butt), X-Men: First Class' strengths really come out. It's easily the most thematically solid movie of the four, playing with concepts of what it means to seek and exact justice and the scar inducing issues of prejudice and paranoia – with several key elements recurring through the film, such as man vs monster (when one blurs into the other and how a monster is created by the actions of others), racial pride vs fear and war vs peace (as the mutants themselves become metaphors for weapons of mass destruction more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis itself).

The most prominent symbol in the movie is also the most devastating – a single Nazi gold coin. Used at several junctures in the story, it manages to become a massive collection of metaphors in itself, showing us greed, intolerance, fear, corruption and violence, both symbolically and literally. It's a permanent and powerful motif in First Class, acting as a reminder that Charles and Erik (as well as Erik and Shaw) are two sides of the same coin, while also representing the circular nature of violence. And, as comic book writer/columnist Rich Johnston correctly pointed out, it also acts as visual opposition in a grand game of noughts and crosses, Erik's round nought/coin vs Charles' X/cross – War Games, indeed.

If there are any problems with X-Men: First Class, they're fairly minor. For a start, Shaw's big evil plan is a bit poorly thought out. It reminded me of Deacon Frost's supposed master plan in the first Blade movie – not very clear, a fair bit short sighted and the reality of it not quite matching the moustache twiddling machinations of the maniac plotting them. Which may well be the point, but at the same time it took me out of the film a tad. As did the occasionally trite nature of trying to pack so many "ah, so that's why...!" moments into the movie for fear of never having the chance to create a follow-up (they will). Some of the inclusions come the film's end are unnecessary and come off too neat for the sake of completeness. It's a similar criticism I have of the wonderful theatre production, Wicked, where I thought it went out of its way to answer every single motivation and character genesis for The Wizard of Oz. Same with First Class, which almost bends over backwards to offer explanations to every facet of Charles' and Erik's relationship, something which will only become more complex as more movies are created. 

First Class also lacks scenes with the visual flash and flare offered by X2, such as when Nightcrawler storms the Oval Office or the jaw dropping madness of Wolverine and Deathstrike stabbing the merry hell out of each other in a brutal ballet. While the set pieces in First Class are fantastic, it would have been interesting to see what Vaughn would have done with the anti-gravity fight scene he dropped after seeing Inception.

But these are easily forgivable missives because First Class arguably manages to be the more accomplished movie of the quartet through its strong themes and very relatable human tale, dressed in gaudy superhuman clothing. Is it as good as The Dark Knight? No. But it's on par with X2 as the best X-Men movie made, and easily among the better superhero flicks created. And the cameos (both stealth and overt) that fans will notice are inspired, with one in particular firing off the most hilarious use of "go f*ck yourself" since Anchorman.

X-Men: First Class is top draw. A remarkable achievement against heavy odds that could have been a agonizing experience for all concerned. Instead, it's merely the birthing pains of what will hopefully be a new era for the franchise...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Post Bristol - the weekend of win

First up, a quick apology – my last entry ("I have a dream…") wasn’t actually what I wrote when I last left Blogger. What was published was actually a draft of my original post, which I re-wrote and saved after, yet somehow Blogger took my old version anyway, which is why some of it probably was a little messy. In any case, sorry for any confusion.

And now, the news.

Despite the injured ankle, knee and toe, despite one printing company screwing me over at the last minute, despite my copies of Magic of Myths nearly not arriving on time… the comic convention in Bristol was incredible. A truly amazing experience. Met so many brilliant, new people, had a great time with my lovely girlfriend and friends and even in the face of my nervousness in selling Magic of Myths, everything went really well.

Jen, my friend and artist partner for Butterflies and Moths, shared a table with me (thanks to the very kind Simon Gurr who offered to share in the first place) and has created a great illustrated write up of the experience here:

Magic of Myths sold a nice few handfuls of copies, which was relieving (given at the start I was uncertain if anyone was going to buy it and I'd go back home with all the copies I arrived with) and everyone was really friendly and supportive – which was great, as I'm not afraid to say I was bricking it, especially during the first couple hours! A bit of context - this has been a dream of mine for many years. Magic of Myths was a story which had been knocking around my skull since about 2003, and represents the fulfilment of a desire I've had since I was about 5/6 years old – to have written a 'full' comic book to sell. And all of a sudden, here I was, sitting on a table, trying to sell one. Fear and paranoia are pretty much standard coating for thoughts like: "what if I don’t verbally bring the story across?" "what if they spend the money and hate it?" and so on.

And yet, it all came together. And I'm really grateful for everyone who helped make that such an amazing experience.

What made it all the better was that all my friends with selling stands did really well, the general atmosphere was fantastic and lots of plans were made for the future. Thank you so much if bought a book, had a chat at the table or just came over to say hi. If you're still looking to buy a copy, please head over to the Magic of Myths site which will tell you where you can buy it from. Any problems or questions, just drop me a line.

Along with Magic of Myths, three other projects I'm working on had a little boost, too. Firstly, Jen and my Bayou Arcana story, Irons in the Fire, got some positive feedback, especially on Jen's artwork. The whole anthology is looking superb so far, and the man behind it all, James Pearson, has some very clever ideas to make it really sing. Definitely something to look out for.

The second project is Butterflies and Moths. Yes, I know I've been banging this drum for a while now, but after a productive chat with Jen things may progress a little quicker than we originally realised. Can't say more than that right now, but when we finalise something you'll hear about it.

The third one I can say even less about, but Faceless (think Robert Ludlum meeting Joss Whedon and Guy Ritchie in a dark alley and making a beautiful fiction baby together) got a jolt in the arm as well. Needless to say, I'm very excited if things will develop as it’s very early days and anything can change, but…

Right, this post is long enough! Expect some more bits and pieces soon…

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have a dream...

...well, I have many dreams. And some of them I could never repeat in public. But in the spirit of keeping this post relevant, I'm happy to announce that one dream has been fulfilled: mine and Sergio's miniseries graphic novel, Magic of Myths: season one is now on release for you to buy!

Weighing in at 62 pages, the £7.99 fantasy adventure story comes complete with sketchbook art designs, pin-ups and the full script and commentary to one of the six chapters. Not bad for the first season of a miniseries, we'd say.

Where can I buy Magic of Myths: season one?
Well, you have several options:
  • Want to go into a physical shop? Nostalgia and Comics, one of Britain's longest running comic book shops, will be selling the book in a few weeks. You'll also be able to reserve a copy there if you ask a member of staff. If you subscribe to this site (simply put your email into the subscribe link on the right hand side) we'll let you know when stock arrives, so all you need to do is pop in and pick up your copy. You can find them here:
14-16 Smallbrook Queensway, B5 4EN
Phone: 0121 643 0143

They have a Facebook page as well:!/group.php?gid=79701585171&v=wall
  • Fancy a digital copy? Well, we've a few things in the works, so expect info about digital versions coming very soon.
This isn't the end of Magic of Myths - there's plenty more news to come soon. If you get a copy of season one, let me know what you think - and thanks as always for your support.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Meanwhile, down in the Bayou...

Just a little break from Magic of Myths...

Jennie Gyllblad (my artist partner on graphic novel Butterflies and Moths) has done a little more artwork for our forthcoming short story for anthology Bayou Arcana. Our tale, Irons in the Fire, is nearly done, barring a few more pages of script and half the artwork to be done, so here's a sneak peek of the first couple pages... they're rather nice, I'm sure you'll agree:

Expect more on Irons in the Fire and Bayou Arcana in the coming months.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Magic of Myths: season one is so close to release (14th May, in case you didn't know) that you can expect a fair few of my future posts to be talking about it (sorry). As my first major non-anthology book to be published, it's been both hard work and pleasure in equal measure.

But we've tried to make sure you get value for your £7.99/$12.99. So, to that end, you're not just getting a story, you're also getting a whole range of extras as well. Magic of Myths: season one includes:
  • A foreword by Barry Nugent, author of acclaimed novel Fallen Heroes and columnist from Geek Syndicate
  • Six chapters of graphic novel story
  • Two full-page pin-ups of artwork
  • An eight-page sketchbook by Magic of Myths artist Sergio Calvet
  • The full script to Magic of Myths #3 ('Fairy Tales'), along with commentary from the creative team
  • An afterword from Dann Lundie, publisher/owner of Futurius Comics

Head over to the official site and you'll be able to read half of the book's tale and all sorts of columns and info on it. And if it takes your fancy, please do subscribe to the site and we'll keep you updated on future news in the run-up to the book's launch.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Magic is building

 "...And you're back in the room."

Illness: over. Much needed break: under (going).

Several days into my time off and the last vestiges of illness, along with the stresses of work are melting away. Which is just as well, as there's plenty to do. But let's get things back on track.

Mine and Sergio's forthcoming miniseries graphic novel, Magic of Myths: season one, is on the verge of release now, with a May 14th 2011 launch. At a wallet friendly price of £7.99, we'll be launching the book the Bristol Comic and Small Press Expo, selling it on the show floor for Saturday only. The very kind and talented Simon Gurr has offered to share his table for the launch of Magic of Myths: season one, so you can come over on the day and buy a copy from Table 16 in Hall 3 (here’s a map for you: as well as buy some fabulous artwork from another amazing artist, Jennie Gyllblad (who is working with me on our graphic novel, Butterflies and Moths).

We'll also be selling Magic of Myths: season one at the wonderful comic book shop Nostalgia and Comics, online vendors, and a couple other places as well. Hopefully a few digital options will be available by that time, too.

What is Magic of Myths? Well, it's a fantasy adventure following a young lady called Eve as she's plunged into a bizarre magic world and forced to complete five tasks to return home. Check out the back of book blurb below and you can read half of the story (issues one to three) for free over at the official site.

 More news to come on this and another project in process, soon.

Friday, April 08, 2011

*Expletive* happens. And everything else, too.

Just a quick one, sorry - my planned updates for the past few weeks have been a bit waylaid, between Magic of Myths finally hitting the printers (more on that soon), lots of work, emergency babysitting for two days straight (which was actually a strange, and at times, life-affirming pleasure, despite the constant worry, lack of sleep, nappies etc) and also the same sodding illness which struck me nearly four years ago. To say it's brutal would be an understatement. Sleep and food were pretty much a distant memory for the past three days.

And now my eyes ache from too much screen-time, so like a tired old man, I'm out of here.

Catch you on the flipside soon, hopefully.

Monday, March 07, 2011

The first of... well, not so much 'many', more 'a few'

So, what to start with first?


As you’ll probably know by now if you’ve been following this blog and the official Magic of Myths site, most of my time of late has been taken up by the miniseries I’ve been creating along with Sergio Calvet, Magic of Myths. It’s virtually complete, but I’ll go into the ins and outs of that project in another imminent blog entry.

So what else is there?

Well, a few things. The first is that last year I was signed up to write for another anthology due for release later this year/early next year, called Bayou Arcana. It’s a collection of stories set around a mystical Cajun bayou, covering all sort of subjects, from the plight and lives of escaped slaves in the deep south to the mythology and lore swirling around in the swampy environment that surrounds them. Expect stories with ghosts, demons, monsters and bounty hunters, as well as expected topics such as prejudice, racism, loss and redemption.

This came about when the man behind Bayou Arcana (and writer of its universe), Jimmy Pearson, gathered up a small selection of creators from the now defunct Insomnia Publications and asked if they wanted to be part of this intriguing project. After a few ums and ahhs, I jumped on-board with a story idea and much to my delight, Jimmy loved it and Jennie Gyllblad (my artist partner on graphic novel Butterflies and Moths) also joined.

So, now we’re in the middle of a short story called Irons in the Fire, a tragic tale of a man trying to find peace and freedom in a world which refuses him it – both on an incidental and personal level. I’m currently scripting the tale, but Jen has already done some rather amazing artwork:

You can check out more lovely artwork over at her site. And if you want to read more about Bayou Arcana, excellent comic book site Small Press Big Mouth has run one or two articles on it, which are well worth a read.

What else? Well, some rather nice opportunities have turned up, although I can't say too much of them yet – but I’ve been asked to possibly write another story as part of another franchise, which was a very pleasant surprise. Nothing may come of it, but we’ll see – there are a lot of projects I have bubbling on at the moment, including a very unusual vampire satire series and strange prose fairy tale...

Next – some release news on Magic of Myths: season one, which is coming together very nicely. Stay tuned…

Monday, February 21, 2011

"What’s new? Lots new."

Don’t worry, I’ve not abandoned this site – quite the opposite, in fact, as there’s been a fair bit happening that I’ve just simply not had time to put on here yet. But I’ve a few things in the works to keep this site a little more active in the future.

In the meantime, this is me waving, not drowning. There will soon be fresh updates, to tell you about:

- The next big anthology story I’ve been signed up to do for this year along with sensational Butterflies and Moths artist, Jennie Gyllblad 
- The launch of Magic of Myths: season one (with the brilliant and prolific Sergio Calvet) – my first major creator owned project, along with all the plans and promotion that are coming with it
- A couple video appearances I’ve made over the past six months which you’ll likely embarrass me about
- And a few other bits and pieces.

Give me just a little more time/And our love will surely grow…