Monday, March 15, 2010

Art preview for Butterflies and Moths

A very, very quick one this week, while all the Wizard of Oz style behind the scenes workings continue (a couple of nice things around the corner for the coming month): Jen has posted a page-by-page art preview of chapter one of our graphic novel, Butterflies and Moths. The artwork is nearly all done, with a few pages to finalise (this isn't the full chapter, as there are a few pages not ready to be shown and the final few pages wont be shown here until they're totally done) and lettering to add in. But it's looking staggering.

Take a look, if you please:



Anonymous said...

A lot of hard work. I want to get to the end now and see it all.Worth waiting on though!

Therine x

Unknown said...

Thanks - we're all dying to see the first chapter in completion... then on to the next ;) Soon, soon... xxx