Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"What would you do?" Weekly preview countdown... panel 5


Gavin said...

Hey Corey I just got the copy in the post, thanks so much! Will there be follow-ups to Fragile? I want to read moooore lol! Ariyana did an amazing job on this I think - her style was quite clean and it complimented the writing really well. The pinup on 153 is very nice, too!

Fantastic job guys and congratulations once again, incredible work!

Writing Gaijin said...

Glad you liked it and thanks :)

The graphic novel I'm writing, Butterflies and Moths, is the follow up to Fragile, set one year later when we find out what's happened to Angel and the consequences of her actions and affliction (http://www.insomniapublications.com/about/book-list.html). I'm nearly half way through writing it, and it's pretty heavy stuff so far, but you get to see 'what happened next' in about 12-16 months.

I'll be doing a fuller post on it soon...