Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Talking pictures

I'll let this one speak for itself - a sneak preview of fantasy realism short story, Butterflies and Moths: Fragile (coming this summer in Insomnia Publications' forthcoming anthology Layer Zero: Choices).

More to come...

Butterflies and Moths: Fragile
by Corey Brotherson and Ariyana Vidya

Page one (click to enlarge)


Gavin said...

Congratulations again on this! The sneak peak looks brilliant :D Does Ariyana have a public gallery of some sort? The images you've got here of her work is really cool :)

Really, really great team you guys! I'll see if I can get my hands on this one ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks! Ariyana has a D'Art page and is also on my Facebook list, so you can check some of her work that way - although I'll be previewing more from the story in the coming weeks as I've seen all the pages and they're brilliant.

We want Fragile to upset you - hopefully for the right reasons ;)