Monday, January 19, 2009

“Promise” – fulfilled. Well, in one way…

Happy New Year!

(Yeah, I know.)

Thankfully, my start to 2009 has been far more positive than my work on this poor, neglected blog here. There’s actually a bunch of things to talk about, just finding the time to type it all up is proving difficult. But I’ll get there, bit by bit. There’s still a look into L33tspeak to come, as well as previews for more stuff down the line. Exciting stuff. Shiny. Like a silver piece sitting at the bottom of a clear lake. Or something.

But as I quickly run off to work on one of these said shiny exciting, lake-bound things, I’ll leave you with an updated preview of A Twilight’s Promise, the one page story which is due to be published later this year, drawn by the increasingly brilliant Ariyana Vidya.

Enjoy and I’ll see you soon. Really.


A Twilight’s Promise (2 panel preview)

(click to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Ariyana's drawings are very good.Hope she stays with you.
Therine x

Unknown said...

Thanks, me too - her work on Butterflies and Moths: Fragile should be stunning... xx

Gavin said...

This is a really good teaser, I want to read it all!!! Really nice team, you two ;) Can't wait to see more!

Unknown said...

Cheers Gavin! Lots more coming, looooots more ;) And I owe you an email as usual, so expect that soon, sorry about the delay :)