Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gazing into the Twilight

Ok – I know I said I have a lot of news, and as it turns out I’ve actually got way TOO much to tell in one post. So this is merely part one of the super-large update which I’ve been planning since… well, a long time. You’re… erm… still here… right?

*watches tumbleweed slowly float past a decrepit howling wolf*

Right, down to biz. First bit of good news. Numerous projects of mine have come to light, which, during a particularly difficult time right now, has managed to keep me optimistic enough to stop pushing pencils into my ears and eyes. Last year I wrote a single page story called A Twilight’s Promise. The plan was sketchy, but it was accepted by a small indie publisher who originally intended to collect a massive group of one page stories by various writers and have them drawn by one artist.

And then that whole project fell through.

So, I was left with this one page script which I knocked up in a day or so, easily the most depressing tale I’ve ever written, sitting in the drawer until I could find an artist and home for it.
I found both a couple months ago. And it’s nearly finished.

I’ll tell you more about A Twilight’s Promise when it gets published – by who, where and when I’ll explain in the next update (oh yes, slacker-no-update-boy went there). In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview. Only one panel, because, well, it’s only a four panel story. And even in its half completed state (no speech balloons, dialogue captions or finished artwork quite yet - but what Ariyana has done so far is fantastic) giving away a one page story that will be sold in the near future is a little loonier than I can go for right now. At least wait for the opium to kick in…

A Twilight’s Promise (one panel preview) – drawn by Ariyana Vidya

Good news number two. I don’t usually do this, as it slightly breaks etiquette, but just this once I’m going to. As some of you may know, I write for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on the official PlayStation site. And while none of the great team that works here have bylines to tell you who has written what, I’m happy to say the site became home to what is, in a strange and slightly ironic way, my first piece of published (in the public domain) prose. It’s a short two part story based on the Sony PlayStation 3 futuristic racing game, WipEout HD. Click on the text links below the images to read them.

It may not mean much to you if you’re not familiar with the WipEout games, but hopefully it still makes some sort of sense if you’re not.

While I haven’t fulfilled my aim of being a novel author before I turn 30 (short of me actually finishing one of my novels, it getting picked up and then put on the shelf in the next 4 months), it’s nice to think I managed to get something like this and two comic stories (yes, two – more on that next update *cackles*) out the door and publically/officially published all the same, with more to come.

Next update you’ll get another glimpse at what I’ve been up to the past month, planned and published – although eagle-eyed readers may already have spotted the latter…


Gavin said...

I actually get quite hyped when there's something new on your blog to read lol

Huge congratulations to all the works published and underway, I'm really, really excited for you Corey :) The WipeOut article sucked me into the monitor a little...

P.s. The next time there's tumbleweed, I'm going to flying kick it out of the scene and your readers and I will amass ourselves together in a crowd of thousands as we wait for your next post! (We might need some seats, though)

Anonymous said...


I have no valid comment to add beyond that.

Dear Corey. I liked your story. Lots of love, Steve.

p.s. could have done with more vampires.

Jac said...

Excellent news all round :-) :-) Looking forward to you being famous..just so I can say I know you haha!

Unknown said...

Cheers, all – appreciated that you’re still reading, too. There's more to come, oh yes, there's more...

Gavin – once we get some more stuff done (how are you getting on with L'espirit?), your stuff will be spotlighted here, too... I have big plans for your artistic talent, meladdo! ;-)

Steve – My original draft of both stories had vampires, but I kept getting shouted down. Pft. Nobody knows nuthin. Never fear, the vampires are coming. Oh yes. Don’t forget to check under the bed every night as well. Not for vamps. Just me. Sweeeet.

Jac – I don’t think fame is coming anytime soon (unless I buy the DVD), although I get the suspicion that in any case you’d get the same look of blank confusion and eventual dismay people usually show when mentioning my name in a public place :-p xxx

Gavin said...

aww thanks Corey! L'esprit is actually proving to be the hardest project ever considering how bad I am at drawing this content specifically, how about throwing in some swords? lol

hey my lecturer saw me do a concept for my project today and asked me to be a guest lecture at one of his classes :D I think he was just a bit shocked but if it's for real then that would be pretty nerve-racking!

Unknown said...

Congrats! When will you have to do it?

Lol, is L'espirit causing that many problems? Ack, sorry man - how far along are you with it? We can go back to Primes if you want instead and do some concept stuff while I finish the script?

Gavin said...

Hehe no no it's not your fault Corey! I'm unexpressably (is that a word?) thankful for the project, it's just college's work hours crossing over mainly. I was actually working on it last night, I think so far for the first page I've been through about 5+ styles in total as the previous style is always not really suitable. Such as a comic style - I couldn't bring out specific things that I feel should at least be brought to attention. Last night I think that this style is the one I'll be going for. I haven't got much though :S Imagine what you think I might have done by now, then half that. Then maybe even half it again lol. Last night in this finalised style will be roughly 50% done so far. The current assignment schedule is to do a digital painting which was easy, I did it in a couple hours so I've got those free lessons of about an entire week that I can shift over focus to L'esprit which is great news! :))) By the way, the 'finalised' style isn't finalised of course, I just meant it's my final decision that I'm fairly happy with, I'm happy to tweak or re-do anything you like! I think with this free time I can get the first page of L'esprit complete in 2 days assuming I don't get another load of work thrown on me tomorrow. (I have like 9 hours of school tomorrow, that's more than my parent's working hours!)

Since one of our teachers was absent today, our main tutor had to look after us as well as his actual scheduled class, so he asked me to give the class a practical lecture of Digital Concept Art which went fairly well. I told the class that they can relax and talk amongst themselves but they really went for it and started chatting away for the whole session lol! It's good though because I apparently helped this one guy a lot so it was definitely worth it :) I hope I'll get a chance to do a proper lecture some time, it was a great experience. Anyway, on to L'esprit! I'll certainly be in touch with you very soon Corey, hope you are well!!!