Friday, May 18, 2007


I've spent most of this week in bed/vomiting/on the loo, so you can probably work out why I've not updated until now... sadly, all this bed/vomiting/loo action has put me REALLY behind my work, so I've had no time to even post anything beyond this little notice as of yet.


Normal service will resume sometime next week when I've got a couple of my monthly scripts out the way, virus recovery pending.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my most recent columns/features at Wii Chat - many are handily located on the first page.

I'm also planning a Bad Luck Inc. 'expose' soon to see just how many of you got all the hidden stuff and references (and there's a fair bit) in the story.

Until then...


Jac said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Looking forward to the expose - I probably missed most of the hidden stuff. As a first time comic reader, I was far too busy trying to work out who was saying what, and where to look next, lol. I will go and read it again now..

Jac xx

Unknown said...

Thanks - still light-headed for some reason, makes simple tasks a challenge. Bit strange, but it could be through the sheer force of the illness on Sunday/Monday. My body still actually aches around certain parts.

Yui and I really put quite a lot in Bad Luck Inc. just to layer it with extra stuff, so hopefully the expose will be fun if you've not already cracked the various bits. Some of it is just messing around, but most of it act as clues, foreshadowing and texture. An example - the company name of Neon's work desktop PC... ;) xx

Mimey said...

Being ill is a bit rubbish. I wonder why we humans still put up with it.

Unknown said...

I think it's because it makes us more sympathetic to our audience or something... :P

Anonymous said...


better have a good excuse ;)

Unknown said...

Friends who don’t give me the benefit of the doubt make me a sad panda :(