Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tales from the Plex Vol 2 - ON SALE NOW!

Annnnnnd we're off.

Tales from the Plex Volume 2 has launched – on both the Editor's birthday and, bizarrely enough, Earth day.

The lovingly created and slaved over anthology can be purchased here:

$4.54 (around £2.50) for a download version (PDF format)
$12.85 (around £7.05) for a proper, paperback version

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

For more info on the anthology on a whole, the press release is
here: (

And we've been running a series of creator interviews for the anthology over here: (, where you'll find behind the scenes scoops on many of the stories and get some insight into the creative process of how each tale came together.

Regarding my story, Bad Luck Inc., here's a handy reference guide for all the stuff out there for it.

My creator interview and 3 page preview on Bad Luck Inc.:

3 page preview:

Character profile 1:
Character profile 2:
Character profile 3:

Soundtrack musings:

Thanks for your support and hope you enjoy it – feel free to pass by and let me know what you think of the whole thing once you get it.


Jac said...

Woo! A copy is winging its way to never know, maybe I will become a comic convert after reading it!

See ya soon
Jac xx

Unknown said...

Thanks for buying! I dont know, some of the stories are really twisted or freaky (in a good way, but I remember the looks you give me whenever I do something strange... which is like, 95% of the time ;),but hopefully you'll enjoy it all the same rather than be disturbed by the dark content of our collective minds ;)

Cheers again and see you in a few! xx

Anonymous said...

Just placed my order for my copy. Can't wait to receive it. I'm a newbit to the comic reading but I'm sure I'll enjoy it! After all, your works in it and I always enjoy your stuff!

Congrats again!

Unknown said...

Thanks for buying and your support! Hope it's something you'll like, especially as you're not typically a comic reader...

Anonymous said...

I'm totally buying one as I type this.

I am able to do this while i'm buying one because I'm on dialup, and it's the slowest mother fucker in the known universe.

Did I dream that I'd had a conversation with you recently about this book? No wait, did I text you? Was I drunk?

Unknown said...

Cheers for buying - hope you like it :)

And yeah, we had a text conversation a few weeks ago - not sure if you were drunk, but you did suddenly stop replying after a short while, for reasons unknown ;)