Thursday, April 19, 2007

T-minus X days

Just one more pre-launch musing before everything kicks off.

Despite being happy with Bad Luck Inc., its ending is a tiny bit controversial in the sense it goes against established storytelling rules. In fact, it comes very close to breaking a very well known storytelling rule. However, I feel it's something that works through a couple reasons. Firstly, it works within the theme of the story, illustrating the whole point of the tale which should become fairly clear ¾ way in. It tells you the backbone of what Neon is fighting against and why it's ultimately so important.

Secondly, the format of the story allow for it. It's only a relatively short tale, and as such the emotional and time investment isnt going to be as long as it would be for say, a 22 pager. So given the comparative brevity, there's less time for a sense of commitment to set and create any sense of major outrage when you reach the final pages. It's a fine line, I admit, but there's a lot there to temper it and make the endeavor worthwhile for the reader, I think.

In coming up with a 'soundtrack' for the story, the first few pages which you read here (below) play nicely to Planet Telex by Radiohead.

It captures the sense of overbearing gloominess and sense of desperation that Neon is experiencing, with a tinge of hope layered to keep things moving. There's a rawness to Radiohead's live performance in the video above, as expected, but the album version is obviously a lot 'cleaner' to represent the rather anesthetic plastic wrap that the future is often presented in. This live version's rawness adds another element to that; like a bit a grime hiding beneath the fingernail, showing Bad Luck Inc.'s dirty intent under its shiny cover.

When thinking of the soundtrack to the story, I tried my very best to find tracks that not only project the ambiance of the story itself, but also has a title that fits as well; or at least offers a clue to what's happening. So Planet Telex is a clear offering of transition and movement through a world of chatting technology, if you will. Perfect for the opening of Bad Luck Inc.


Mimey said...

In the end does he wake up, come out of the shower and find out it was all a drream?


Unknown said...

Heh, close - but it's more my style for him to wake up, realise he's late for work, jump out the shower, slip on the soap and break his neck.
I'd be a terrible writer for Dallas, that's for sure, although I think Bobby Ewing's fate would have been a bit more plausible my way ;)

Jac said...

Interesting thoughts on the music..funny how a certain piece of music can capture so many moods and concepts.

Its getting exciting now eh? Nearly there - can't wait to see the finished thing!

see you next week
Jac xx

Unknown said...

Technically we're bare minutes away from launch... woooo! Sadly, because of the nature of publication, I could put in an order now and will have to wait about 2 weeks for it to plop through the mailbox. Ah well.

The actual book has a list of our selected 'soundtracks'; music we all deem suitable to reading each of our stories. It creates an interesting layered effect, not really done it before...