Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bad Luck Inc. – Full 3 page preview (happy Friday the 13th...)

Bad Luck Inc. Page 1
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BadLuck Inc. Page 2

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Bad Luck Inc. Page 3

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Read all 13 pages of the full story on April 22nd when Tales From the Plex Vol 2 ( is released...


Mimey said...

Looking good :-)

He reminds me of something from Abarat, someone, maybe. Definitely something of Clive Barker in his eyes!

Hi by the way!

Anonymous said...

Hi, long time reader - first time comment(?). It looks good, I shall have my coursework filled, grubby hands on it soon.

Keep it going

p.s The way the guy wears his bag reminds me of someone, but whom....?

Unknown said...

Cheers to you both for reading and taking the time to leave comments - it's greatly appreciated. Especially seeing as I'm moving like Robocop right now (neck brace, sprained neck, stupid story). I am broken.

Jemima: Hello! I didn’t notice the Abarat similarities before but now you've pointed them out I see what you mean. That works for the theme and ultimately the story's events, so phew ;) Now that I've actually got time to breathe I'm going to be able to descend on yours and Claire's blogs more often. The past month has made me feel like "I'm taking crazy pills".

Holmes: Good to see you, sire and thank you :) Oh, it goes almost without saying that any incidents, situations, institutions, govemments and people within Bad Luck Inc are fictional and any similarity, without satiric intent; of characters or persons living or dead, is strictly coincidental.

*hears the gun pressed against his head uncock*

Ahhhh ;)

Mimey said...

Have you tried NOT taking crazy pills?

Unknown said...

Buh-buh-but then I'd lose *all* my crazy! It's the only thing keeping me sane!