Sunday, March 18, 2007

Something about "late" and "date"

This isn’t a proper update.

Nope, that's coming… well, maybe not tonight or tomorrow, but soon. Basically I'm snowed (bah, weather) with stuff at the moment and trying to keep my head above water with the numerous assignments I've got threatening to break my skull. There wasn’t going to be another Bad Luck Inc. preview till next week anyway as those will be bi-weekly, so in lieu of a proper update I bring you the reasons why a proper update is currently missing.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1 - review:

7 Most wanted features for Wii Sports 2 - feature:

5 Things every Wii game should have - feature:

On top of that I've been thinking of something suitably inane to write for my biography to be inserted in the oh-so-soon-it's-nearly-here Tales from the Plex Vol 2. And also take a photo of myself for it. Preferably one where I don’t look like a maniac/freako/Sloth. This is a difficult task indeed.

There's lots of other stuff I'm tangled in and can't show, but it's all very exciting. Well, for me it is. Probably not so much for you yet.

Right, I have a Spider-Man: Reign #4 review to finish, so I'll be on my way for now. Both this, and the Buffy review are likely to gather some interesting reactions one way or another, so I'm probably going to be bouncing around for a while, with another WiiChat feature due tomorrow (lots to do!).

In the meantime, to tide you over, here's a little art snippet from two other characters to be profiled in my Bad Luck Inc. previews. They'll remain nameless for now, but they're not very nice people. Just in case you didnt quite get the hint via the framing and sinister sneers...

See you in a few!


Anonymous said...

Glad you managed an update although I'll need to wait until tomorrow to read the links--too tired now.Hope you meet your other deadlines.

Therine X

Unknown said...

Thanks, I'm getting there although it's still a bit crazy right now...xx

Jac said...

Can't believe you are still able to find things Wii-related to write about, lol! On the subject of wanted things for wii sports, I need them to add dads hairstyle to the mii channel. He only has some side hair at the moment as there isn't a 'only bald at the back' option ;-)

My friend has one shot of Wii Play and has now bought a Wii. I think she wants to beat me to all the gold medals. I only have gold for 'find the mii' so far, but I had to give that up because every time I closed my eyes tiny mii's floated past. It was trippy. :-)

Love Jac xx

Unknown said...

I'm fairly shocked myself - that said, it's amazing how creative you discover you can be when your livelihood depends on it ;) Having been in the industry for so long as well is helping, means I can badger games people for interviews and such (although said people are still decidedly unreliable as always).

Yeah, more hairstyles should be a given – we were trying to find the same hairstyle for a friend as well (he's only a few years older than me), so in the end we gave him a hat like your Dad's. Was amusing... although I'm not sure if he found it so funny...

You have a gold for the Find Mii game?!?! Bloody hell, I cant even get a bronze still! Although it's a bit worrying if you're seeing Miis when you close your eyes – maybe you should see a (wait for it...) doctor? ;-)

Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week! Try the veal! xx

Jac said...

Yes gold *smug face* level 74. oh yeah!

claireylove said...

Not a proper update? Perfect! ~ cos this isn't a proper comment either, ;-)

Unknown said...

Jac - 74?! I didnt even know there were 20 levels, let alone 74!

Claire - Bah! Bah, I say! (the thrice 'bah' will be saved for another time ;)