Thursday, December 14, 2006

"The pain... oh, the pain..." said Doctor Zachary Smith

In a tad too much pain this week to write a true entry (on top of my illness, my wisdom teeth are causing problems as well, so I'm writing between moments of painkilling lucidity). Last week's Wii feature actually went up early-this-week, with a new one set for sometime between now and the weekend. They'll be over at:

I'll have something that you can join in on next week, so be prepared and have your opinions sharpened like school pencils (sans nibbled end bits - yes, I know you all did that at school, dont deny it).

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Remember next week is Christmas and with all the food and drink the brain might not be functioning as well as it does normally-if that's possible.However in anticipation I will keep my pencil sharpened!


Unknown said...

Finally got around to my blog after a week of literal and metaphorical headaches. This week's entry isnt going to be anything too exciting, lol, but I'll post it eventually...