Thursday, November 23, 2006

Conspicuous by its absence

No real update this week, sorry.

Kinda a 'good news', 'bad news' thing because while I don’t have the time to create a full entry for this week, the reasons behind it is simply because I have a ton of work going on that's going to keep me buoyant through the heavy Christmas present spending spree.

In the meantime, it's a cheap pimp my wares throwback (boyeee). Still cant show you anything from my commissioned comic series, which is a little frustrating as I'm pretty proud of the issue I'm just finishing up – it's quite a personal subject and a very quiet, human story that I hope readers will think about and be affected by. But while that remains under wraps, there's other stuff to throw at you in the meantime.

- I recently became a weekly columnist over at ( If the title/URL didn’t tip you off, it's a site about Nintendo Wii. Each week I talk about something Wii related and hopefully I'll get some reviews done when the console is released in a couple weeks. My first article can be read here (, with a new column on the site every Friday/Saturday.

- My most recent reviews over at Boomtown ( are:
EyeToy Lemmings (PlayStation2):

The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (Nintendo DS):

Ace Combat: The Belkan War (PlayStation2):

- My more recent comic book reviews over at ComiX-Fan ( are:
Ultimate Spider-Man #101 review:

New Avengers #25 review:

Right, back to work. And if you've not already participated in the previous blog entry (sitting lovingly below this one), please do if you have time.

Hopefully I'll be able to create a proper entry next week when the deadline heat cools off.




Anonymous said...

It's good to see that you are getting plenty of work.It took me a wee while to read through the links but I like to see what you're writing about.I dont tend to comment and I wonder if most readers of your blog are a bit like me and are reticent about commenting.I imagine having gone to the effort of updating your blog regularly you would appreciate a bit more feedback from your readers.From someone who has normally plenty to say its a lame excuse to say I dont know what to say so I wont try.Hopefully others will agree with me and provide more feedback

Unknown said...

Heh, thanks.

I'm going through a number of little experiments to try and understand general blog psychology, to be honest. Public forums only work via a sense of community (and often the ones I've hanged out at revolve around a need to be seen or pettiness) while blog comments pages only seemingly work under certain conditions which act on a smaller scale to forums. I'm still trying to promote it and get the URL around (it's slowly rising up the Google search placement rankings), but I suspect it's mostly near-peaked in terms of interest and response. So I'll probably start laying off the updates at some point and focus on actually getting more writing done seeing as it cuts into my actual work-time, lol.

Although that said, one of the worst things any writer can 'get back' is apathy, mostly because it's neither here nor there - cant tell if you're doing something wrong or right and the feeling of looking out into an empty auditorium, so to speak. Which is worse than getting negative feedback a lot of the time.

But I'm kinda caught in a catch 22 - I write more and it's in danger of going nowhere, I write less then the people who DO visit have less reason to visit in the future, lol. Yet, an audience of 4 regulars is still better than none, lmao.

Jac said...

yes, blog etiquette. I'm not quite sure what its all about! All I know is that I probably have about 13 blogs bookmarked and I only comment on a few of them. This is because I really only know a few well enough to comment. The other blogs are mostly those I have stumbled across when reading something else. Although I am interested enough in the content to revisit, I sort of feel like a peeping tom and hesitate to make myself known as some weirdo who has nothing better to do that read random blogs, lol!

I also know from my own blog that I have several secret readers, (and ones I know about too!) who never comment, but appear to visit often.

The unusual thing about your blog is the content. Obviously you appeal to those who know you, more more specifically you would appeal to those interested in fantasy/graphic novel genre and also gaming. Have you posted your blog url on any relevant forums?

For the record, I like reading it, and you know I'm not exactly a graphic novel or a gaming type ;-)

I guess work is more important but its probably good to keep the blog ticking over for a while yet.

jac xx

Unknown said...

Lol, yeah, it's all a bit weird - I guess it partly depends on how well you know or how familiar you are with the blogger, as such. Some of the blogs I've read are internet reviewers but seem to get responses on the most inane things from random people who are, I presume, just regular readers of their non-blog articles. So I guess it's also an audience familiarity thing.

Most of the time I dont really know who my blog appeals to (apart from people close to me, such as yourselves) - and maybe that's the problem. It's not personal enough to be a true diary-like blog (which is *far* more interesting, as yours Jac, proves), nor is it a true 'work blog' as I'm not well known enough to draw in a direct and dedicated audience who like my writing (especially as a freelancer who's all over the place, lol). Nor is it a writing 'advice' blog or a 'reviews' blog (neither I have the time to do through my work commitments) or a gamers/comics blog (the gamers and comic book readers that have passed through here –thanks Sitemeter! LOL- don’t stay very long at all).

So maybe the identity crisis doesnt help things. It would be easier if I had more published stories to promote as that becomes symbiotic - if a reader enjoys the story they can be directed here and vice versa. But at the moment all my fiction is 'pending publication', lol, so it's a little frustrating that I can't explore that yet.

I admit, it's useful as an accompaniment for my CV and when applying for fiction/freelance work, as it gives me a public 'board' to pin stuff on without sending attachments, but I'm slowly getting to the point where practicality is starting to take over. We'll see, I guess. In any case I appreciate the feedback and input from you all, as always!